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An online personal development course to clarify and create success that is significant AND Fulfilling! Start Today!

Introducing Kathy Clifford's Accelerated Success Program

Receive 15 years of Kathy’s consultative mastery, sharing the BEST professional and personal success strategies – all in one power-filled course.

As a student, you will find clarity around a vision or a goal for your life and then Kathy will provide a navigation path to get you there with tools and support so that you get to experience greater fulfillment and ease…while being wildly successful at the same time!

Signup for Accelerated Success and you will receive a powerful new module every week. Not just a new video, but case studies, guided direction, tools, templates and guided direction, and access to online support.

Each week your new module, full of inspiring training and tools, will be delivered to your personal library for use once or 1000 times. It’s yours for life!

Teams and individuals have paid a minimum of $10,000 for Kathy’s delivery of this content.

You will get access for life to the content and to Kathy’s ongoing online coaching support and inspiration.

Why Choose NOW to Accelerate Meaningful Success in Your Life?

You can transform your longing into powerful directed action.

You are ready to get clear about your purpose and your goals. Your online course will provide tools and the support necessary to create visionary clarity and a simple plan of action to actualize your goals.

You can live a life that truly matters, to you and those around you.

You are committed to a life of meaning that is deeper than material success. In this course, you will simply make a few shifts of focus to increase your personal fulfillment without expending more energy.

You can express your uniqueness to serve others.

Together, we will uncover and polish your gifts and signature strengths. You will be guided with tools and templates to message in ways that will attract the possibilities, people, and support to live from your powerful essence.

I'm Kathy Clifford

My "best day" work is when I help people have simple breakthroughs to more meaningful visions for their life using their most powerful self-expression. My zone of brilliance is guiding people to the clarity and confidence necessary to attain that personally defined success - in work and in life.

In the first year of launching my business, I started with one client and hopes of replacing my paycheck income working 50-60 hours per week. I ended year one with three substantial recurring clients, two strategic alliances, and I doubled that paycheck income working 30-35 hours per week.

I have worked with some of the most gifted individuals and market-leading organizations in the world, showing them how to leverage common practices to achieve uncommon results.

With an insatiable appetite for learning and for improving upon what already exists, I question everything and look for the intersections of knowledge and experience that create powerful and meaningful outcomes. Funny how the curse of being a quiet, shy, perfection-seeking little girl can turn into such strength later in life.

There are many courses and programs available, some good and some not-so-good. Having studied great leaders in the field of positive psychology, receiving mentorship from world-renowned thought-leaders and achieving high levels of success repeatedly throughout my life, I have identified a simple six-step path to success that is both inspiring and accessible.

Accelerated Success Program

An online personal development course to clarify and create success that is significant AND Fulfilling!

You’ll experience an engaging online 7 week learning experience as you crystallize your vision and create the roadmap to create more meaningful success quickly. Each week we will provide examples, instructions, activities, templates and/or worksheets are provided to jump start your progress. 

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Week One will help you clarify your vision or goal. You will have 7 different visioning pathways to choose from, each designed to access many different parts of you and your creativity.


Week Two moves you into action with emphasis on two aspects of Discipline. First, we will focus on discipline of the mind, building awareness and resiliency to support your journey. Then we will move to disciplined action that is simple and straightforward so that you are clear of each step each day.

Openness and Flexibility 

Week Three you will learn how to let go of the obsession to figure things out so you can get into action and more importantly, uncover additional resources that you didn’t know you had. You will also learn how to move through change cycles more quickly to stay open to new beginnings and possibilities.

Heart and Meaning 

Week Four will help you to bind your vision and your goals to what has deep heart and meaning. This will be a critical resource of strength when doubt arises and you will learn how to call forth instant courage to overcome obstacles that emerge.

Authenticity and Truth

Week Five will be to reclaim your fully authentic self and move forward powerfully, clear of your signature strengths, deeply held values, and your unique differentiation in the world. Tools this week will help you to stop overcommitting, prioritize yourself without guilt, say yes to energy fillers, no to energy drainers and goodbye to energy vampires!

Organized Communication 

Week Six brings you back to pragmatic work to create clear and concise messaging in multiple frameworks to attract who and what you want for success.  You will examine, create and refine your written, visual, and social communication platforms. You’ll also learn to craft messaging that will appeal to all different audience styles.

Continuous Energy 

Week Seven is to activate tools to nourish your energy spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally. You will uncover the number one roadblock to your success and create simple strategies to manage distractions.  This week will ensure that your work in this course is a life-affirming transformation and not just a momentary event.

Are you ready to identify, clarify, and experience success that feels more significant?

Is there a persistent, deep yearning to stop waiting for “someday” and instead create and experience deeper fulfillment and passion in your life NOW? Directing your focus toward purpose-driven vision and full self-expression is the essential path to your deepest satisfaction. Let's create a vision and action plan together based on clarity, confidence and commitment that will take you to your next level.


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