Success is a Choice

Uncategorized Aug 07, 2018
Today is a gift. When I truly stop thinking about the future (where will I move next…rent or buy…down payments…scary market…neighbors I want to move away from…schools for Kaya…traffic…workmate…renting her house…being too close…and on and on and on!) I am free. Otherwise, all of those thoughts inside of 30 seconds start to spin out of control and before my first sip of coffee, I have created the gravity of self-imposed gloominess. And without conscious intervention, that self-imposed gloominess will foreshadow everything and even determine how I choose to create my experience today.

But on this day, I had the good fortune of giving myself just 15 minutes of intentional solitude and reflection BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE. Just 15 minutes! I was able to not only catch the insanity as it occurred, but to actually experience a 180 degree turnaround of sitting in the REALITY of this moment and this day.
Reality today is that I am unbelievably fortunate and free to create my world joyfully. I get to do work that I love and  make a difference just by showing up with an attitude of gratitude and openness. I am healthy, relatively pain free (middle aged bodies do get a bit tighter in the mornings!), my family is safe today, and any problems that might arise will definitely be of the “first world”! The choice is to fully invite and embrace all of the joy that is possible or to focus on guilt, fear, comparison, and ultimately gloominess.

Success is a choice and it begins with a state of mind. I define what success looks like and today the ultimate success is simple and accessible. Choose joy and spread joy through every encounter. The rest will unfold through conscious intent and action.
What do you choose today?

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