Five Power Pillars to Propel You Into 2020

The last day of a calendar year is always a poignant reminder that the clock is ticking on our lives. Funny how we wait for the stroke of midnight 12/31 to choose to step forth into our higher aspirations. Funny, but also fantastic, because we need to use anything and everything to summon our courage to live our most powerful life NOW!

The turning of any meaningful calendar page can be our impetus to action. As I teach and coach people throughout the year, we always begin with vision and clarity of the goal desired. Once we have that clarity, purposeful action invites us forth and our path begins to unfold before our eyes. Our action planning is much easier to create, and the clarity of our intentions result in new opportunities that we could not have imagined. As we dance with these opportunities in a playful way, we learn to weigh them against what has true heart and meaning, rather than simply what seems most logical or practical in the short term. And as our vision becomes realized, we find strength through our courageously authentic self-expression. We impact the world around us positively through our communication, messaging, and humble self-confidence. And as the next calendar markers arrive, we suddenly realize that the journey has become the destination and we have stepped into the flow of the river of life. Striving becomes serving and vision comes effortlessly, like water quenching the thirst of your soul.

If this message finds you at a time when you’d like to create more clarity around any vision or goal area for your life, please enjoy simple guidance and visioning tools here as part of my service to the world. You never know what one small action step may lead to, but it’s fun to find out! And if someone that you care about could use some inspiration toward fresh vision for their life, please share this with them and spread the possibility.

Now, as we turn the page to a new day, a new year, and a new decade, I am personally leveraging five power pillars to embolden my courage and amplify the fulfillment of my vision. These power pillars support the discipline and direction of the mind, which may be the biggest gate or gateway to visions realized. Of course, we can turn the page to ANY new day and step forth with courage into our more powerful vision and self-expression so don’t let the made-up world of time markers get in your way! Now is your time!

Here are the Five Power Pillars to propel your journey forward with passion and perseverance:

Pillar One: Adventure

Move into the new and unknown with the trusting spirit of a child…innocent and open and vulnerable.

Once you have gained some clarity around a vision or goal for any area of your life, set it aside and soften your focus, so that you can access your playful childlike spirit. Think of your five or six-year-old self and imagine you are playing a game and peeking around corners, waiting to discover what’s next. You’re following a ball of light and you trust and know that it is leading you safely and wisely to your next step. Your only job is to trust the unknown and anticipate that there is goodness coming. It’s mysterious and it’s magical and you simply need to stay open and willing to receive.

Pillar Two: Moving Beyond Illusion

Do not look outside for what is real – look within. Drop your opinionated mind and move inside.

As we become clear of a higher purpose and grander self-expression in our life, it is common to be thwarted by the opinions or experiences of others. We may get stuck comparing ourselves to the “outside success” of others. Or we may look to others for validation of our dreams. We may listen to the fears or judgments or doubts that come from others, even those that love us most. We may start searching for outside evidence that will boost our belief or confidence in our own vision. All of this is normal and to be expected.

The antidote to this world of illusion is to find your way back inside. Look within. Find your quiet place. Whether that is a meditation, a warm bath, a walk outside, a yoga class, a cup of tea by the fire, a prayer, a gratitude list…or anything else, find something that reconnects you with you. Don’t let your ego find excuses. Simply taking 3 deep breaths will bring you back to yourself and you can look within for your next step of action.

Pillar Three: Consciousness

There is crystal clarity available right now, rooted in the stillness that lies at the core of your being.

So often our minds become overwhelmed with all the possibilities in every moment. Trying to make a decision can feel like standing in quicksand, unable to take action in any direction. We all reach for common tools; lists, trackers, assistants, prioritization, books, calendars, planners, etc. Tools are very important on the path of actualizing our visions. But when we get coaxed into task focus as a form of procrastination, we have lost our way.

In any moment, we can access deeper clarity that is always waiting for us, ready to serve. By first finding our way inside as described in pillar two, we can ask for clarity of our next step. If you have a faith tradition or faith source, ask that. Or simply ask your higher self, your deeper consciousness, for guidance. Our mind flies about, but our core consciousness and wisdom never go anywhere.

Pillar Four: Lean into Your Rebel

Be courageous enough to take responsibility for who you are and to live your truth.

It takes tremendous courage to step out into the world with all of our selves, holding nothing back. It can feel safer to mold into situations and social norms that are expected by others. If the world around us is going to change, we must find the courage to stand tall and bravely lead through absolute authenticity. Whether that leadership is in our family, our community, our friendships, our teams, our organizations, it matters not. Our authenticity is not obligated to form; it is formless expression of truth.

To access this formless expression, think about your teenage self or any teenager you know. Think about the rebellion that defines this stage of life. There is of course external rebellion to rules and constraints, but more importantly, there is a rebellion to being labeled or identified by others. There is a passionate fight for self-identity, for voice of self, for respect of self. We fight and rebel through these pubescent years, and then many of us somehow forget or give up or confine ourselves to the demands of others as we “grow up” into our adulthood.

It is time to access that inner rebel and fight for yourself. Fight for your truth. Fight external opinions and ideas. Take responsibility to authentically shine forth without constraint.

Pillar Five: Limitless Courage

Be courageous enough to grow into the flower you are meant to be.

As we return to our most authentic self-expression through visioning, adventure, looking within, seeking and asking for clarity, rebelling against social constraints, we find ourselves called forth even further. We are limitless in our potential and as we step into the river flow of fulfilling self-expression, we are asked for more. We are asked to continue to grow, to evolve, to learn, to serve, endlessly. We are welcomed into a world where there is no longer a destination to arrive at, but a journey to be lived through each breath of our life.

Think about the resolve and the resiliency of a flower buried beneath a stone driveway, finding its way or carving its way back into the light. The destiny of a flower seeking the light is no different than the destiny of our inner soul seeking full expression for the betterment of the world. It takes courage and vigilance to fostering that courage every day so that we blossom fully on this journey called life.

If these pillars resonate for you, find a way to make them visible daily. I ruminate on them each morning before my day kicks into action and I find that they shape the course of my choices, my perceptions, and my experience.

May you be all that you are capable of being so that the world around you benefits infinitely.

Again, please share with the world and clarify your vision here. We matter and we each make a difference.

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