Which Wolf Will You Feed Today?

I started my journey of walking the path of Accelerated Success as a student of my own program. Thank you for being willing to witness me. And so it begins. MASSIVE RESISTANCE!

It’s like my feet are stuck in molasses or something super sticky and super strong. It’s unbelievable to me. It is so easy to coach others – to champion others – to believe in others. It’s also easy to access vision through doing the work, doing the activities, meditating and sitting and visualizing.

But something happened when I declared that I was going to DO the work. I declared it because I knew it would change the game for me. I knew it would expose my own shadows. I knew on some level it would throw me head first into the raging river of fear, doubt, vulnerability, and all the rest.

At this moment in time, I have two coaches, am listening to every motivational book, Ted Talk, You Tube clips, guided meditations…you name it. I was recently listening to a favorite teacher for a few minutes as he shared a parable of a grandfather telling his grandson about two wolves, the wolf of love and the wolf of fear. The two wolves were in a terrible fight, and the grandson asked “which one will win?”. Grandfather replied, “the one we feed”. This really struck me today. The more I feed my own wolf of fear, self-judgment, self-doubt, perfectionism, etc., the further I get from the wolf of love, compassion, faith, trust, and joy!

Here I sit. 5 days past the day I declared I would not only begin my journey of Accelerated Success but that I would share it. It’s like I got instant laryngitis. No voice. And with every hour that goes by with my silence, my distractions, my avoidance, the stronger that wolf of fear becomes.

So, which wolf will I feed today? If I choose to feed the wolf of love for today, what might I do?

First I can detach. Instead of “I’m afraid”, I can recognize that there is simply fear active in the mind. I can see it, but not identify it as me. I can embrace it, but not feed it. It’s not the fear that’s the problem actually. It’s the shutting down and closing off of the heart and mind that follows.

I can look at what I can control. I can’t control all the stimulus, but I can control the response. I can remember that failure is an event that can happen but it is not who I am.

Today, I am choosing to feed the wolf of love. I’m going to start with self-compassion, positive and encouraging self-talk, and I am going to take actions with levity, playfulness, and presence. I am consciously stepping into the river today and relaxing into the flow.

I know there is power in just naming all of our fears or struggles so that they can be released.  Thank you to my tribe of champions and allies today! My personal mission is to inspire through authenticity and heart-led action. May something here inspire you today!

It's our time to shine!


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