The End of Efforting

Uncategorized Mar 01, 2022

As I allowed myself to simply breathe in and out with my Be Still meditation, I experienced and saw/felt what it must be like at the end of life. Our final breath - the deep, deep sense of relief as all the trying, the searching, the planning, the creating and figuring out --- all of the efforting, comes to a close. It is all released as I imagine that final breath of life.

Perhaps it's this time, as the world begins to maybe, actually, open up again. As a new phase of efforting is being called forth. There is resistance in me. There is a voice deep inside saying NO! Don't Do It! Don't go back to sleep, don't go back to the race, don't go back to other peoples' agendas for your life. Don't forget. Be Still. Stay Still. Stay Awake. Trust Yourself. Allow the Mystery to unfold.

I have been okay - actually better than okay - through this pandemic and through my entire life. There has been lots of struggle, loss, grief, and change, along with joy, pleasure, adventure, and awakening. I've been especially okay the last nearly 10 years since John died in that crazy paragliding accident. As I surrendered the efforting then without choice, I am being reminded to surrender the efforting now. To allow life to flow with ease. To invite action that generates and is generated by energy - not forceful effort. Not the 'trying' to make something happen - but instead being fully present to hear and take action based on what is naturally arising internally and eternally. 

Many of the coaching conversations and conversations with leaders and team members recently have centered on this generalized sense of resistance to "returning" to what was. Some call it burnout. Others describe lack of ambition or motivation. Many just feel a sense of exhaustion from the roller coaster we have been on. I don't hear a lack of desire to live a full and rich life. And I don't hear people not wanting to work and contribute meaningfully. I just hear a sense of apathy to the imbalance of life driven by hyper-achievement. So what is the way forward for us and our teams, families, communities?

We don't have to wait for our dying breath to let go of the efforting. All we have to do is breathe deeply and fully in each moment, letting go and welcoming what's next at the same time. Simply to trust what cannot be seen, to serve from our highest self, and to savor each day, moment and experience as rich infinite life.

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