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The Power of Discretionary Engagement

The power of an employee’s discretionary engagement cannot be emphasized enough. It is the single most powerful ingredient a company can harness for success and competitive advantage in the marketplace. But what is “discretionary engagement” exactly? It is subtle, difficult to measure, and critical to achieving beyond ordinary results. Here is one story that illustrates just how elusive and yet impactful this ingredient can be.

It’s a Sunday morning and Karen is on her...

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Winning with Discretionary Engagement

I recently had the privilege of working with an extraordinary CEO (and his leadership team) of a well-known public company in the Bay Area. This leader is both conscious and connected. He is conscious of the world and people around him, the complexities of his business and all of its stakeholders, and conscious of the individuality of each person he leads. He is connected to his own authenticity, his humility, his power, and his grace as a leader. He has successfully turned around a company...

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